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At C. Gerhardt, it’s not just the products that are constantly being refined – the entire company is evolving continuously. Whenever there’s something new, you can find out about it on these pages. Find out about new products and applications here. We also provide information about technical publications and partnerships with other specialists. And when we open new regional support centres, we will tell you about it here.

Finally quick and easy Carbon + Nitrogen analysis

Good news for labs requiring resource-efficient rapid analysis of carbon and nitrogen: New elemental analyzer DUMATHERM® CN is available now.

DUMATHERM® CN works according to common standards, e.g. DIN EN 10694 and DIN EN 16168.

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New KJELDATHERM® ECO KIT saves energy

The extensive range of accessories for KJELDATHERM® digestors has been extended by KJELDATHERM® ECO KIT. The new system improves the energy efficiency of the KJELDATHERM® and increases productivity in the laboratory by reducing the warm-up and cool-down phases of each digestion cycle.

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DUMATHERM® performed excellent at the VDLUFA Enquete 2017

The nitrogen analysis system DUMATHERM® has again achieved excellent results with VDLUFA Feed Enquete 2017 for the determination of crude protein in feed.

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