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Dumas nitrogen analysis: Are macro weights at macro costs still viable today?

Over a period of 2 months analysis was performed using a variety of soya and flour sample weights. This analysis showed only a very small improvement in results standard deviations with increasing sample weights. Whilst increased sample weights may have a very slight benefit on reproducibility, the lower costs and environmental impact of using smaller weights are beneficial.

The question of cost and environmental impact of methods are usually high up in the minds of most lab managers. Gerhardt have striven to make the Dumas method as environmentally friendly and cost effective as possible. Catalysts without Chrome and non-toxic absorbents for water and Carbon dioxide from the gas stream demonstrate this.

DUMATHERM® has the ability to use small sample weights and calculates exactly the amount of Oxygen required for combustion to minimize gas usage. The less Oxygen used the less Copper required to remove the Oxygen from the gas stream before passing the detector.

By using effective sample preparation equipment such as the FRITSCH Pulverisette 14 sample homogeneity was improved. Better sample homogeneity allowed smaller sample weights. Gerhardt have produced a document discussing this in more detail.

If you would like a copy of our work done on sample weights or further information on the DUMATHERM® please contact your local C. Gerhardt specialist or e-mail us at marketing(at)gerhardt.de.