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VAPODEST® 500 with C. Gerhardt Dashboard

Fully automated analysis acc. to Kjeldahl

The new VAPODEST® 500 from C. Gerhardt is the latest analytical instrument for nitrogen determination according to Kjeldahl. Already on the market since 1986 as a fully automatic distillation instrument, the new analyser is based on more than 30 years of experience in the laboratory.

With parallel-running distillation and titration (online titration), the system is particularly suitable for laboratories with a high sample throughput. By using high-quality components such as the ceramic microdosing pump, the instrument is designed for continuous operation and can thus achieve a maximum sample throughput per day.
The integrated software guides the user through all work processes via the touch screen and allows constant analysis conditions. The instrument's sensors detect possible sources of error (e.g. incorrectly inserted sample glass) even before the analysis starts and avoid unnecessary incorrect analyses. Since the VAPODEST® 500 is fully network-compatible, it can be easily integrated into any existing network. All resources of an existing network such as balances, printers, barcode scanners, etc. can be used. The analytical data produced is already prepared for export to LIMS. With the new software, the C. Gerhardt Dashboard, sample data for several devices can be submitted from any location and evaluated after the analysis. Due to the comprehensive user management with clearly defined user roles, the VAPODEST® 500 meets the requirements for data management according to GLP and ISO 17025 and can thus guarantee data integrity.
The pH electrode used and optimized for titration rapidly delivers precise results and is the ideal choice for fully automatic analysis systems due to its electrochemical pH measurement. This means that the instrument meets the accuracy criteria for traceability and repeatability specified by national and international standards (AOAC, ISO, IDF, etc.). In addition, the modern pH measurement used by C. Gerhardt is already mentioned in current Kjeldahl standards and thus makes the system future-proof.

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