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New KJELDATHERM® ECO KIT saves energy

The extensive range of accessories for KJELDATHERM® digestors has been extended by KJELDATHERM® ECO KIT. The new system improves the energy efficiency of the KJELDATHERM® and increases productivity in the laboratory by reducing the warm-up and cool-down phases of each digestion cycle.

ECO KIT, consisting of a Thermoplate (available for KT-L20s or higher) and a cooling fan, is the ideal extension of the KJELDATHERM® for laboratories with a high sample throughput. The items are available as a complete set or individually.

Thanks to the large selection of accessories and consumables, laboratories can adapt KJELDATHERM® perfectly to their individual needs. An overview of the diverse accessories can be found in the product data sheet:

Product Data Sheet KJELDATHERM® KT-(L)