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At C. Gerhardt, it’s not just the products that are constantly being refined - the entire company is evolving continuously. Whenever there’s something new, you can find out about it on these pages. Find out about new products and applications here. We also provide information about technical publications and partnerships with other specialists. And when we open new regional support centres, we will tell you about it here.

Fully automated analysis acc. to Kjeldahl

The new VAPODEST® 500 from C. Gerhardt is the latest analytical instrument for nitrogen determination according to Kjeldahl. Already on the market since 1986 as a fully automatic distillation instrument, the new analyser is based on more than 30 years of experience in the laboratory.

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New C. Gerhardt Partner in Mexico: SICA Medición

From June 2018 on SICA Medición S.A. de C.V. will be the exclusive partner for C. Gerhardt instruments in Mexico. As an exclusive partner they are authorized to distribute and perform the service for the entire C. Gerhardt product range of laboratory equipment and analytical systems.

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Finally quick and easy Carbon + Nitrogen analysis

Good news for labs requiring resource-efficient rapid analysis of carbon and nitrogen: New elemental analyzer DUMATHERM® CN is available now.

DUMATHERM® CN works according to common standards, e.g. DIN EN 10694 and DIN EN 16168.

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