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At C. Gerhardt, it’s not just the products that are constantly being refined - the entire company is evolving continuously. Whenever there’s something new, you can find out about it on these pages. Find out about new products and applications here. We also provide information about technical publications and partnerships with other specialists. And when we open new regional support centres, we will tell you about it here.

Dumas nitrogen analysis: Are macro weights at macro costs still viable today?

Over a period of 2 months analysis was performed using a variety of soya and flour sample weights. This analysis showed only a very small improvement in results standard deviations with increasing sample weights. Whilst increased sample weights may have a very slight benefit on reproducibility, the lower costs and environmental impact of using smaller weights are beneficial.

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How to surpass significantly the high demand of ISO 8968-1 for protein with a simple Kjeldahl method

With a target to optimise the range of variation in Kjeldahl protein analysis of milk according to official

methods like AOAC 991.20 or ISO 8968-1:2001, digestion conditions were varied to obtain lowest variation in protein content between duplicates with the highest possible recovery.

It has been found that digesting for 2 hours at 390°C with a KJELDATHERM® digestion block achieves this.

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Total Fat Content by Automated Acid Hydrolysis (HYDROTHERM) – ISO 8262-1

Total fat is a crucial measurement in food analysis. Where fatty acids are bound to glycerides, sterol esters, glycol and phospholipids acid or alkaline hydrolysis is required. Hydrolysis disrupts cell walls, breaks up fat emulsions and lipid protein bonds.

Multiple AOAC methods exist for various matrices that incorporate acid or alkaline hydrolysis to accomplish total release of fat from...

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