Analyzing Whey Protein Products with C. Gerhardt DUMATHERM

ISO 14891
"Milk and milk products - Determination of nitrogen content"


About whey protein products

The modern food market is more dynamic than ever with consumers following several trends and all kinds of special diets. What they all have in common is that they are part of a healthy lifestyle based on a specific nutrition. Most customers are aware that protein is an important part of their diet and thus they try to increase their daily intake. Dairy products, fish or beef are protein rich natural sources. But to cover a higher demand of protein or as a substitute for this natural sources, e.g. as part of a vegetarian diet, customers need nutrition supplements. Whey protein products such as whey protein isolates are as the name suggests a rich in protein nutrition supplement to obtain the daily demand of protein. Because of the increasing consumer awareness, the market of whey protein products has developed from a niche market to a mass-market with the products available in almost every supermarket and as ingredients of many finished products such as baked goods, beverages, salad dressings, etc.

Analyzing whey protein products with DUMATHERM

The versatile application possibilities of whey protein products and the growing global demand require reliable analytics to determine the protein content. The C. Gerhardt application laboratory has already successfully analyzed whey protein products (e.g. whey protein isolates) and intermediate products with DUMATHERM acc. to ISO 14891 (Milk and milk products) to determine the protein content. DUMATHERM N Pro is capable to analyze liquid and solid samples and delivers a precise result of the protein content.


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