DUMATHERM® CN for the determination of nitrogen and carbon

The new DUMATHERM® CN is capable to determine carbon and nitrogen simultaneously. The modular upgradeable autosampler makes it possible to carry out sample series with up to 120 samples.

It is easy to operate, with the DUMATHERM® Manager software providing clear and reliable guidance through the program. Status windows keep you on top of the process at all times. All analytical and device data is saved, forming documentation that enables you to trace at any time all combustion processes that have been carried out. This way, DUMATHERM® efficiently supports quality assurance in an accredited laboratory and takes care of compiling the majority of documentation for you. It also includes different user levels and password protection.



Great savings in time and costs

Heating up, system test, leak test - DUMATHERM® is completely operational in just 30 minutes. The sample data and weights are automatically sent from the scales or the LIMS to the software. Comprehensive data export functions save time while handling your sensitive analysis data securely.

Perfect for analysis of soil samples

With DUMATHERM® CN, C. Gerhardt offers laboratories dealing with analyses for soil evaluation, soil fertility and plant nutrition an elementary analysis system with which they can analyse total nitrogen TN and total carbon TC.

The system works according to the methods, e.g. DIN EN 10694: 1996-08 and DIN EN 16168.

Analysing difficult samples with ease

DUMATHERM® technology can handle it all: samples with a low nitrogen content, highly concentrated and saline samples, samples with a high water content.
The intelligent water drainage separation with condensation traps and maintenance-free gas dryer meets the most stringent of requirements.


Order datasee Further Details
Dimensions (W x D x H)870 x 710 x 860 mm
Weightapprox. 75 kg
Scope of deliveryDUMATHERM® CN
starter kit for approx. 1000 analysis
Operating manual