Processing in series even on the tiniest of scales

Get faster results thanks to simultaneous digestion and distillation. All hot plates are individually controllable and thus enable you to process different samples in the same processing step.

The 500 or 750 ml Kjeldahl flasks are ideal for large volumes, strongly foaming samples or digestions with low nitrogen content.

It is advisable you use the direct connection for the TURBOSOG fume suction washer to protect yourself and your fume hood from corrosive fumes.

Functional and robust

The digestion and distillation units are functionally designed to keep operating costs low. Their sturdy construction minimizes the likelihood of downtime. Having the apparatus connected by an electrician lets you get started with peace of mind and ensures that all is professionally installed.

Digestion and distillation apparatus

Order data10-0035 Digestion and distillation apparatus KI13/26 
6-unit, with 500 ml flasks
10-0036 Digestion and distillation apparatus KI13/26
6-unit, with 750 ml flasks
Dimensions (W x D x H)970 x 470 x 1820 mm
Weight75 kg
Scope of delivery

Complete combined apparatus with
sample tubes, Erlenmeyer flasks
and all glass parts,
water jet pump
2 l washing flask
Operating manual