FIBRETHERM® standardises fibre analysis in feedstuffs at a new level of quality, making it more efficient, more precise and more reliable.

  • The device automatically controls and monitors all the boiling, washing and filtration processes within a self-contained cycle. No extraction is required.
  • The FibreBag technology optimises the digestion of the samples and speeds up the washing and filtration processes.
  • All detergents are automatically added and dosed by calibrated pumps.
  • The NDF value can also be determined after addition of α amylase during running operation without interrupting the process. An external dosing pump (accessory) automatically regulates the addition of the heat-resistant amylase.
  • The energy feed and cooling water are automatically controlled and regulated.
  • A glass-ceramic heating surface reduces heating times and guarantees constant temperature conditions.
  • The analysis method used complies with the standard methods specified by Weender and van Soest.

Standardised processes - high level of efficiency - reproducible analysis results