Comfortable operation

SOXTHERM® extraction units are software-controlled. They can easily, conveniently and safely be controlled from a PC or laptop, or using the external MULTISTAT control unit.

Control using PC/Laptop SOXTHERM Manager:

  • The software monitors all the central processing and device parameters, issues fault messages and stops extraction automatically in case of faults.

  • It also has high-performance diagnosis and documentation functions (data logging) for quality assurance.

  • For each SOXTHERM® unit a programme window and a status window is available.

  • The programme window provides a quick overview of all functions and

  • Up to 4 units can be displayed and checked on the screen simultaneously.

  • The diagnosis function makes for an optimised extraction sequence.

  • The logging functions provide numerous pieces of information, e.g. accurate
    operating instructions, the start time, operator name, total operating time etc.

External control unit MULTISTAT

  • Up to 4 individual devices with individual programme sequences can be controlled simultaneously by each control unit.

  • MULTISTAT allows you to programme and save up to 20 different extraction methods.

  • Start times for unsupervised extraction can be freely selected.

  • The compact design of the control unit saves space in the laboratory.

C. Gerhardt's SOXTHERM® extraction units are especially easy and reliably accurate to use.