Economical and fast

Quick extraction: SOXTHERM®'s five-step extraction process, developed by C. Gerhadt, is up to four times faster than the conventional, time-consuming Soxhlet extraction method.

  • Solvent recycling: A process developed by C. Gerhardt means that solvents can be reclaimed almost completely and re-used several times over.

  • Reduced cooling water consumption: The cooling water regulation makes for low cooling water consumption. An external recirculating cooler can also be connected.

  • One control unit for 4 systems: You can purchase one control unit and use it to monitor and control up to 4 extraction units.

  • Low solvent consumption: The use of small extraction beakers reduces the required quantity of solvent significantly.

Fast, economical and cost-effective: C. Gerhardt's SOXTHERM® quick extraction system opens up a range of possibilities.