Extraction in series

Quick extraction for all sizes of laboratory. SOXTHERM® systems can be upgraded easily at any time if the number of samples increases or new analyses are needed.

  • Combinable: All individual devices can be combined with each other, regardless of size. When combining four 6-place untis, extraction of 24 samples can be controlled and processed simultaneously.

  • Easy to operate: You can select whether you use a PC with SOXTHERM® Manager or the external MULTISTAT control unit for control.

  • Programmable processes: All process steps can be programmed by the user. All the processes can be saved and are thus accurately reproducible.

  • Quick-start function: The extraction units save the programme last used until it is overwritten by a new programme. That way an extraction can be started directly on the device by pushing the [Run] key.

Fast, safe and easily upgradable: SOXTHERM® is currently the most high-performance laboratory extraction system in the world.