High level of operational safety

SOXTHERM® extraction devices provide you with maximum levels of laboratory safety. All processes are controlled automatically and seamlessly monitored.

  • Separate plug-in limit temperature connectors for 135 °C, 200 °C and 300 °C and the programmed maximum temperature make for double the safety. If the limit temperature is exceeded, the extraction is stopped automatically.

  • Central safety parameters, such as temperature, compressed air, cooling water
    and the filling levels of the solvent tanks are monitored automatically.

  • A front window pane of safety glass protects the operator from contact with hot surfaces and solvents. The window pane closes and opens automatically at the start and end of the programme.

  • All the moving parts are controlled pneumatically. Live components and cables
    are shielded hermetically from the solvent vapours. Electrical switching and break sparks cannot be generated.

  • The extraction beakers are lifted off the heating bar automatically at the end of the extraction process in order to prevent the extract from burning.

  • Illuminated extraction beakers made of glass make it possible to check the extraction process visually constantly.

Safety in the laboratory is given top priority. SOXTHERM® devices run fully automatically and are software-controlled.