Classic distillation apparatus for manual Kjeldahl distillation

Distil up to 6 samples simultaneously for Kjeldahl nitrogen determination and free up more space for other laboratory tasks.

Connect and you’re ready to start – it's really easy with the complete set we offer. From the Reitmair top to the rubber connectors, everything is included.



Classic distillation apparatus

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Dimensions (W x D x H)650 x 380 x 950 mm (50 ml - 250 ml)
950 x 380 x 950 mm (500 ml and 750 ml)
Weight25 kg (50 ml - 250 ml)
35 kg (500 ml and 750 ml)
Scope of deliveryKI serial heating unit
Complete distillation attachment
Kjeldahl flasks
Erlenmeyer flasks
Operating manual

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