VAPODEST® 500 for the analysis of nitrogen / protein acc. to Kjeldahl

The new VAPODEST® 500 is the evolution of its predecessor and the new premium solution for steam distillation systems.

Specially adapted to the needs of professional operators, the instrument guides the user through all work steps during analysis and calibration. In addition, the VAPODEST® 500 offers full network functionality and makes it possible to use the entire resources of the network (printer, LIMS, etc.). With the external C. Gerhardt Dashboard, sample data/batches can be submitted via the network from the PC. After the analysis, the results can be evaluated at the PC.

The combination of quality components and a smart product design reduces operating costs and significantly increases the lifetime of the device. Designed for a high sample throughput and permanent operation, online titration saves valuable time. This allows a higher sample throughput per day in the laboratory.

Of course the analytical instrument delivers compliant results according to DIN EN ISO, AOAC, EPA, ASTM, EU regulation, APHA, etc.

In combination with the KJELDATHERM® KT-L20s, the VAPODEST® 500 is the most powerful solution for Kjeldahl digestion and analysis on the market.

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The VAPODEST® 500 guides the user through all processes

The user is guided step by step through all work processes. The regular check-up can be individually adapted and enables constant working and analysis conditions.

The sensors of the device detect possible sources of error even before the analysis is started (low level of connected container, incorrectly inserted sample glass, etc.). A note appears on the display and the user cannot start the analysis until the error has been fixed.

The VAPODEST® supports continuous tracking of the sample batches.

C. Gerhardt Dashboard - Easy operation and data integrity

It is easy to enter sample data with the Dashboard and analyse it at a later stage. The data is transferred via network to the VAPODEST® 500.

  • VAPODEST® 500 can be integrated into any network
  • connect an unlimited number of devices to the dashboard
  • simple data input and sample evaluation
  • clear user management with explicit authorizations
  • access to all network devices (printers, balances, LIMS, barcode scanners, etc.)
  • data can be exported to LIMS
  • data processing meets requirements of GLP, ISO 17025

Automatic distillation + titration for immediate results

The VAPODEST® 500 significantly reduces the analytical process through simultaneous distillation and titration (online titration). This saves time and enables a significantly higher sample throughput per day.

By using a modern pH electrode and a high-precision ceramic microdosing pump, the instrument delivers precise results. The pH measurement meets at least the accuracy criteria prescribed by the official standards (national and international) for traceability and repeatability.

Highest standard for work safety in the lab

The transparent safety door provides a clear view of the process at all times. Possible errors in the process can thus be detected at any early stage.

The device is designed in a tub shape so that dangerous liquids are collected in the drip tray and cannot leak.

Level sensors allow any standard laboratory tank to be connected to the insrument. This avoids laborious transfer of hazardous substances.


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Dimensions (W x D x H)527 x 390 x 697 mm
Weight39 kg
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