Fully automated Kjeldahl distillation system VAPODEST® from Gerhardt Analytical Systems

Fully automated VAPODEST® 50s carousel

This convenient fast distillation system with automatic sample change, titration, calculation of results and LIMS connection is highly valued by laboratories that have to deal with large daily workloads involving different samples and methods.

The samples are transported securely from the carousel and into the distillation system. The sturdy, pneumatic technology ensures a completely reliable functional sequence. Easily changed carousel inserts are available to match the different sample tube sizes.

This top product from C. Gerhardt has proven its worth over the years during continuous operation in many respected laboratories around the world.

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Routine analysis made easy with VAPODEST® 50s Carousel from Gerhardt Analytical Systems

Routine analysis made easy

VAPODEST® 50s helps you in your daily routine analyses.

Any number of programs can be defined in advance and then processed directly for a wide range of sample types. After the analysis is complete, the results are calculated and displayed immediately and can be printed out, if desired. The printout of the results can be set out individually.
All analysis data can be saved in a database for monitoring and documentation purposes and printed out.

Comfortable operation via VAPODEST® - Manager

Comfortable operation via VAPODEST®-MANAGER

VAPODEST® 50s is operated completely via PC. The VAPODEST® Manager control software supports modern laboratory management with extensive documentation and control functions.

  • System settings
  • Defining methods
  • Sample input
  • Method execution
  • Results tables

For a more detailed overview of functions see: Further Details

Tidy workstation VAPODEST® 50s carousel

Tidy workstation VAPODEST® 50s carousel

Everything in its place for a tidy, clear workstation: canisters of chemicals and sample residue are kept together with the compressor in a practical drawer, saving space and allowing easy access. Sensors monitor and report on the fill level in the individual canisters.

Fully automated Kjeldahl distillation system VAPODEST® from Gerhardt Analytical Systems

VAPODEST® 50s and 50s carousel

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Dimensions (W x D x H)  440 x 340 x 690 mm
1010 x 670 x 1655 mm
(VAPODEST® 50s carousel)
Weight37 kg
198 kg
(VAPODEST® 50s carousel)
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