Best in class for Kjeldahl digestion

Kjeldahl digestion unit: Transparent and traceable digestion

New: The successor models KT and KT-L for up to 40 simultaneous Kjeldahl digestions replace the proven digestion system KB and convince with smart product characteristics and functions.

Proven sturdy C. Gerhardt technology especially good for Kjeldahl digestions of various samples with nitrogen contents in the micro and the macro range.

Ideal for the subsequent Kjeldahl distillation with the automatic distillation units VAPODEST®.

Different models available, adapted to the specifics of the different analysis tasks.

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Complete control of process

Due to the combination of integrated inspection windows and illuminated digestion area the samples can be monitored at any time and the digestion process can be controlled (Illumination only available for KT-L devices).

The numbers defined by the laser engraving on the rack supports the safe sample transfer.

The individually adjustable heating capacity allows for greater flexibility during digestion of difficult samples.

High throughput

Depending on the selected block system 8, 12, 20 or 40 samples can be digested simultaneously.

The various racks can hold tubes measuring 100 ml, 250/300 ml or 400 ml.

All tubes can be inserted directly in the distillation system VAPODEST®.

Convenient and safe

The precise temperature/time control ensures a secure digestion process.

Password protection, defianable user rights and an extensive logbook guarantee security, traceability and trancparency of the results.

The motorized multi-level console enables convenient and safe lifting and lowering of the loaded rack.

The exhaust manifold and water jet pump provided or the powerful (optional) TURBOSOG suction station ensure effective extraction of acid fumes.

High ease of use

The 3.5" (KT-L) or 2.5" (KT) color display convinces with a clear user interface and self-explanatory symbols.

With the integrated USB port, the analysis data can be easily transferred to a USB stick and evaluated on the PC.

Standard Kjeldahl methods are already predefined and can be operated by the user easily.

A further 99 methods, each with 40 temperature/time programs can be stored on the device to guarantee maximum flexbility.

Efficient workflow

The programmable warm-up function ensures that the device is ready for use without waiting time.

The user can set the start time of the method for a specific time.

For the KT-L models, the lifting function and the optional TURBOSOG are fully automated.

The devices meet the international standards for methods according to DIN EN ISO, AOAC, EPA, ASTM, EU regulations, APHA, Ph. Eur. 2.5.33 method 7, procedure A.

High quality

The base plate is made of stainless steel with a very resistant paint finish.

The high-quality paint guarantees corrosion protection and is easy to clean.

An improved heat shield provides maximum protection.


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Dimensions (W x D x H)515 x 483 x 728 mm (without lift)
515 x 483 x 748 mm (with lift)
Weight31 kg (8 x 250 ml tubes, ohne lift)
to 53 kg (20 x 400 ml tubes, with lift)
Scope of deliveryKJELDATHERM® digestion block
Insert rack
Multi-level console
Exhaust manifold
Drip tray
Digestion tubes
Electronic controller
Operating manual