Absolutely clean

Clean your exhaust air effectively in 4 stages

  • Stage 1: Neutralization of acidic fumes
  • Stage 2: Gas scrubbing
  • Stage 3: Separation of the condensate by steam traps
  • Stage 4: Absorption of the remaining residual gases by means of an alkaline-coated activated carbon filter

Kjeldahl digestion is possible without corrosive vapours

Adjustable rather than one-size-fits-all: to prevent your samples from drying out during digestion you can regulate the suction power by simply turning a knob.

Kjeldahl digestion from aqueous samples tends to push suction scrubbers to their limits. The optional additional cooling unit for the VACUSOG ensures efficient wet separation even with aqueous samples, thereby ensuring clean air in the lab.

No matter what the scale of your Kjeldahl digestion is, you can connect VACUSOG directly to any C. Gerhardt digestion unit, from the conventional apparatus to the KJELDATHERM® block digestion unit.

Easy operation and maintenance

The well-thought-out design has made all components easily accessible. This allows you to carry out maintenance tasks yourself quickly and easily.

But go a step further: in high-throughput mode, you’ll control the scrubber directly from the KJELDATHERM® KT digestion unit and thus gain additional space.


Order data12-0779 VACUSOG
Dimension (W x D x H)342 x 463 x 490 mm closed
342 x 463 x 720 mm open
Weight22 kg
Scope of delivery

VACUSOG-Scrubber unit
Isoversinic tubing connection
Activated carbon for 400 - 600 samples
Mains cable
Operating instruction