What makes us special Day-in Day-out

Every day at C. Gerhardt, the difficulties of working in a highly competitive, worldwide market are taken in our stride.As a traditional company with youthful leadership, we build on many years of knowledge and develop dynamically and with vigour. We see ourselves as a hi-tech manufacturer, combining the latest technology with traditional skills. Our products are made in Germany and are continuously developed through feedback from our many customers around the world. Although we are an international company, we also take on responsibilities in our local area.

The family-based company

C. Gerhardt is a family firm in the finest sense. It has been in family ownership for five generations. Our goal is not short-term success but long-term consolidation and growth. This fundamentally changes our perspective, giving us responsibilities for the future. Our customers are as important and as valuable to us as if they were part of our family. We feel an obligation to those who use our systems and equipment - wherever they are in the world. Our customers achieve continuously reliable analytical results through unrivalled, ongoing process support and customer service. The family identity and cosmopolitan atmosphere can be felt throughout our company - from administration, research and development, production through to management level.

Innovative Engineering and Sound Manufacture

We think outside the box and take a holistic approach. We frequently introduce useful technology from other sectors into our solutions. Many developments have arisen from cooperation with Bonn University and industrial laboratories. In this way, we utilise the most up-to-date knowledge and experience in neighbouring disciplines. Many of the projects are started from these customer requests. Improvements are made until we achieve constant accuracy in our results. This is how we develop new analytical equipment and adapt existing equipment to new projects.

Ongoing Support

It is essential that the customers' equipment routinely produces accurate results and functions without problems. To ensure this, we start with comprehensive consultancy and project planning through to installation, testing, and user training. Our customer service approach offers maximum support if and when things do occasionally go wrong. Why do we offer this? Well, so that our customers stay with us in the long-term and so that we can continually learn from our customers' experiences. This is the only way to achieve long-lasting success.

Future Growth

With our experience from the past and our strength from our current market position, we are on the path to a future full of promise. Having the right people in place simply makes it easier to be successful. We have confidence in our partners and ensure smooth operation, where necessary, by supplier redundancies. So that you can rely on us. Our staff give of their best every day, thus making a major contribution to the success of C. Gerhardt. And so that it remains that way, it is our ongoing task to motivate them and provide them with appropriate further training. Together as a team we can expand our leading market position and, if necessary, react immediately to changes. That makes us strong.

Engineering meets the environment and art

We are involved in nature conservation and bird protection. We promote young artists and collaborate on local projects. Our roots are strong in the Bonn region; it is the scene of our history. The Siebengebirge, Germany's oldest nature conservation area, rises up behind our head office in Königswinter. August Macke, one of the most famous German expressionists, married into the Gerhardt family in 1909. His descendants now manage the company. This legacy has shaped us. In the end this has a positive effect on our company. For the energy and positive effects from these projects are channelled into the company.

Chronological table

Our roots are strong in the Bonn region; it is the scene of our history. Here are some milestones:

1846 founded as "Marquart's Lager chemischer Utensilien

1872 Carl Gerhardt takes over the company and company premises purchased at 100 Bornheimer Street in Bonn.

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Dedicated to quality

We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001. Our quality policy can be requested from us by interested parties.


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