Steam distillation for alcohol determination

Consumers have come to expect nutritional information and labelling on products, foodstuffs and beverages. For manufacturers, however, these seemingly unassuming little labels involve a lot of work. They have to analyse their products for a very wide range of components, all while complying with a host of different regulations, specifications and norms, which bind them to specific reference methods and standard procedures during the analysis itself.

This is also the case when analysing alcoholic drinks such as spirits and liqueurs – here too the alcohol content has to be visible on the product, for example. However, the reference method for determining the alcohol content is a time-consuming and error-prone process. Particularly when it comes to liqueurs, there are frequent problems with carryover and combustion.

For this reason, our validation study presents an optimised and automated method carried out with the VAPODEST distillation system. Using VAPODEST not only makes it possible to speed up the analysis process, it also minimises the risk of errors.

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  • Analyt: Spirits and liqueurs
  • Sample parameter: Alcohol
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Analytical systems for alcohol determination