Steam distillation systems for Kjeldahl analysis

VAPODEST can determine more than just nitrogen

Whether you want to perform nitrogen analysis according to Kjeldahl or steam distillation of volatile acids, sulphur dioxide, TVB-N, ammonium, formaldehyde, phenol, alcohol, vicinal diketones or hydrogen cyanide, you will not want to miss VAPODEST anymore.

  • Rapid: 4 minutes distillation time
  • Safe: highest protection of user and work environment
  • Economical: long-lasting with low operating costs
  • Compliant: exceeds international standards such as EN/ISO, AOAC, DIN, EPA, ASTM, GAFTA.


Best in class Kjeldahl distillation system VAPODEST® from C. Gerhardt Analytical Systems

VAPODEST 200 - 450

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Dimensions (W x D x H)527 x 390 x 697 mm
Weight35 - 40 kg
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