Ultra fast sample preparation

Infrared technology ensures fast, safe and flexible digestions – without preheating, without boiling retardation and with a multifunctional application range.

TURBOTHERM lets you heat up to 12 samples to boiling point within 10 minutes. The infrared spiral and the fan work hand in hand for direct, even and reproducible heating of your samples without boiling retardation. After switching off the heat source, your samples cool down quickly, letting you move on to your next process step.

For different samples, you can quickly and easily exchange the insert rack to match the variety of your digestion vessels. Whether your sample volume is 100 ml or 800 ml, aqueous or strongly foaming, TURBOTHERM lets you prepare samples effortlessly.

Your safety is a core consideration of ours

The individually adaptable control unit will give you an overview of the current working status at all times. For your safety, the control unit is located next to the digestion zone.

Modify the digestion program during operation, depending on the circumstances. This lets you protect the sample, the instrument and the user from harm, and you’ll work under optimal conditions.

The included drip tray is easy to clean and can be stored within the instrument to save space.

Depending on your requirements, the included suction device, the TURBOSOG suction station or our most powerful solution, VACUSOG, ensure clean air and protect you and your lab from corrosive vapours. All external devices can be conveniently controlled via the TURBOTHERM.

Next audit? No worries!

Individually configurable user rights and ISO 17025-compliant capturing of all relevant process data let you look forward to the next audit with peace of mind. TURBOTHERM measures the temperature directly between the samples (optional) and thus gives an exact account of the digestion conditions. You can easily export the generated data to your LIMS via the USB interface. Thanks to the integrated method library, you’ll save time when setting off and work reproducibly throughout.


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Dimensions (W x D x H)636 x 430 x 740 mm
Weightappr. 29 kg
Scope of deliveryTURBOTHERM
Insert rack
Multi-level console
Exhaust manifold
Drip tray
Digestion tubes
Operating manual