Sturdy and powerful

LABOSHAKE handles heavy loads without difficulty, including in continuous operation.

Stable, precisely machined components securely accommodate the shaking media.

The sophisticated design of bearings and transmission parts guarantees a constant shaking speed.

Programmable controller

Up to 9 speed/time programs can be programmed, each with up to 9 different program steps, and then retrieved again.

The shaking speed can be programmed continuously from 20 to 200 rpm.

For resting periods, the speed 0 is available, e.g. to stimulate processes or allow reactions to subside.

Major benefits

    • Can take loads of up to 30 kg
    • Large shaking platform
    • Optimum use of space thanks to tiered attachments
    • Flexible applications thanks to variety of accessories
    • Corrosion-resistant plastic housing
    • Easy to operate
    • RS-485 interfaces
    • Also available as THERMOSHAKE incubator shaker


    Order data11-0001 LABOSHAKE LS500,linear, 230 V
    11-0002 LABOSHAKE RO500, rotating, 230 V
    11-0009 LABOSHAKE LS500, linear, 115 V
    11-0010 LABOSHAKE RO500, rotating, 115 V
    Dimensions (W x D x H)610 x 510 x 120 mm
    Weight28 kg
    Scope of deliveryBasic apparatus
    4 vertical rods for attaching accessories
    Operating manual