Trace metal digestion unit

For determining the acid-soluble proportion of metals in sewage sludges, sediments and soils with aqua regia, e.g. in accordance with DIN 38414/German standard method.

Digestion in aluminium heating block with precise temperature control.
Racks and frame covered with special acid-resistant coating.

Reliable technology from C. Gerhardt with innovative functions facilitate the daily routine in laboratories and enable a smooth digestion process.

Available with various configurations.


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Trace metal digestion unit

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Dimensions (W x D x H)515 x 483 x 990 mm (8-unit, without lift)
515 x 483 x 990 mm (8-unit, with lift)
515 x 483 x 990 mm (20-unit, with lift)
Weight33/48 kg (8-unit, without/with lift)
63 kg (20-unit, with lift)
Scope of deliveryKJELDATHERM digestion block
Insert rack for digestion tubes
Insert rack for water condenser
Multi-level console
Water condenser
Heavy metal condensation traps
Digestion tubes
Tubing set
Cooling water lines
Drip tray
PVC exhaust manifold
Water jet pump
Programmable controller unit
Operating manual

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