Solid-liquid extractions in <2h

Fully automated and 4x faster than the conventional Soxhlet method

Fat determination in food and feedstuffs has never been so easy

Whether you are performing fat determination or residue and environmental analysis, its efficiency and safety make the SOXTHERM rapid extraction system stand out.

  • Fully automated – Increases throughput and frees up lab staff’s time
  • Fast – Extract up to 24 different samples in less than 2 hours
  • Resource-saving - Integrated solvent recovery saves you costs
  • Safe – Stay relaxed even during unattended operation, thanks to plug-in limit temperature connectors and explosion-proof construction


SOXTHERM®: The Future of Rapid Extraction with Control via PC


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Dimensions (W x D x H)

250 x 410 x 580 mm (2-place)
405 x 410 x 580 mm (4-place)
565 x 410 x 580 mm (6-place)

28 kg (2-place)
36,5 kg (4-place)
43 kg (6-place)
Scope of delivery

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Wide range of applications in many industries

Extraction of coatings and finishes in textiles

Many companies in the textile industry either have their own test laboratory to check the quality and characteristics of their raw materials and final products or have them regularly tested by research institutes. The Soxhlet extraction is a frequently used method to analyze certain fibers and additives...

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