SOXTHERM - Rapid extractions in the textile industry

DIN 54278-1
"Coatings and finishes with textiles"

EN 14362-1
"Determination of certain aromatic amines derived from azo colorants"

ASTM D2257
"Standard Test Method for Extractable Matter in Textiles


Coatings and finishes in the textile industry

Many companies in the textile industry either have their own test laboratory to check the quality and characteristics of their raw materials and final products or have them regularly tested by research institutes. The Soxhlet extraction is a frequently used method to analyze certain fibers and additives, e.g. the avivage of a fiber.  The avivage is a fiber preparation to improve the lubricity and friction of the yarn to ensure a smooth production process. This treatment avoids high wear out effects on the productions machines, e.g. overheating of industrial sewing machines. The determination of fat/oil contents in the fibers can be carried out either with the classic Soxhlet extraction or with the fully automated SOXTHERM of C. Gerhardt. The SOXTHERM offers significant advantages, especially for laboratories with high sample volumes:

  •  less time for analysis
  •  can be operated without supvervision
  •  can process up to 24 different samples simultaneously