Wine laboratories check the quality of wine, champagne, sparkling wine, semi-sparkling wine, fruit wines, fruit juice, beverages containing wine and beverages similar to wine, and spirits.

They often function as expert consultants to wineries and wine producers in winemaking, support winemakers during the fermentation process and perform analytical, microbiological and sensory testing to provide advice on reliable processes aimed at producing high quality wines. Licensed wine laboratories analyse and check finished wines and sparkling wines in accordance with statutory specifications in order to classify them as quality wines. For retailers, the laboratories determine analytical performance indicators for the declaration and for proof of compliance with legal limits. For exporters, the laboratories create export and purity certificates.

To ensure that the results of analyses can be compared and recognised internationally, many wine laboratories are accredited in accordance with the quality standard DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025.The basic prerequisite for quality assurance is precise and reliable analytics.

C. Gerhardt provides steam distillation units for determining the alcohol content and the proportion of volatile acids, sulphuric acid and sorbic acid. The VAPODEST distillation units we develop and produce fulfil the requirements of DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 in terms of the transparency and traceability of analytical processes.