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Nitrogen / protein in plasma-derived therapeutic products


Article overview

The VAPODEST® 50s carousel is currently the top model in the VAPODEST® line for steam distillation. Although the instrument has been on the market for a while it still convinces with its strentghs and reliability for a fully automatic analysis.

Astori recently sold a VAPODEST® 50s Carousel in Italy to Kedrion, a company specialised in the development and production of medical products especially for serious diseases such as hemophilia and immune system deficiencies. The key element of their products is blood plasma, a part of the human blood with certain components important to fight a number of diseases. As they work in a business field which requires a high degree of accuracy, they were looking for a device that can match these requirements to perform their standard analysis of the nitrogen and protein contents in the samples. After over 20 years they had to replace the existing VAPODEST® with a new fully automatic instrument. With C. Gerhardt and Büchi as the main competitors for this purchasing decision, Astori was able to beat Büchi and convince Kedrion with a couple of sales arguments:

  • The comfortable and easy handling of VAPODEST® devices
  • Lower costs for service and spare parts - resulting in lower lifetime costs
  • Advantages and reliability of the carousel
  • Satisfaction with the old VAPODEST®

As Kedrion works in the pharmaceutical / medical business field, the application for the analysis can be found in the European Pharmacopoeia. The example shows, that the Pharma industry is a wide business field for analytical instruments and the method acc. to Kjeldahl in particular.

Key players in the Fractionation Market with production facilities around the world:

CSL (Australia)Shire (Ireland)Grifols (Spain) - CG Customer
Octapharma (Switzerland)LFB (France)Kedrion (Italy) - CG Customer
Biotest (Germany)Bio Products Laboratory (UK)Green Cross Corporation (South Korea)
Shanghai RAAS Blood Products (China)Bharat Serums and Vaccines (India)


Check the website above for further information about the plasma fractionation market and if there are any production site close to you with a business opportunity.


About Kedrion: Kedrion is an international company that collects and fractionates blood plasma to produce and distribute plasma-derived therapeutic products for use in treating serious diseases, disorders and conditions such as hemophilia and immune system deficiencies.

In recent years Kedrion has expanded its operations - not only into the United States through Kedrion Biopharma Inc., but into Germany and Hungary as well. It now has a market presence in about 100 countries. In addition, it has acquired collection and production capacity as well as the rights to significant products for treating hemophilia and preventing Rh sensitization, a condition which can lead to Hemolytic Disease of the Fetus and the Newborn (HDFN).