Work more efficiently and reproducibly

Minimize your waiting time when processing small or incomplete batches. Our serial heating unit with its 6 individually controllable hot plates lets you process up to 6 different samples simultaneously. The high-performance heater gets your samples up to temperature quickly and efficiently.

Get started efficiently with the complete set we offer. From the flask to all connecting hoses, everything is included. Leave installation to the professionals: equipment for the 500 ml and 750 ml Kjeldahl flasks should be connected by an electrician.

Increase the automation level of your Kjeldahl process step by step

The digestion apparatus is easy to expand:

  • Increase the sample throughput by using several serial heating units.
  • Conveniently transfer your samples in the same flask to the automatic steam distillation system VAPODEST®. Avoid cumbersome decanting and work more efficiently.

Protect yourself and your fume hood: connect the powerful VACUSOG gas scrubber or the TURBOSOG fume suction washer directly to the digestion apparatus. They render corrosive acidic fumes harmless as soon as these arise.

Classic digestion apparatus

Order dataunder » Further Details, Product data
Dimensions (W x D x H)600 x 250 x 300 mm (50 ml to 250 ml)
900 x 250 x 300 mm (500 ml and 750 ml)
Weight8 - 15 kg, depending on version
Scope of deliveryKI serial heating unit
1 set of Kjeldahl flasks
Glass exhaust manifold with adapters
2 holders for glass exhaust manifold
Operating manual