Reproducible digestion conditions

Programmable, precisely controlled temperature/time phases enable secure and reproducible digestion conditions.

Up to 99 programs with max. 40 heating stages, 30 predefined methods and variable heating speeds ensure a high degree of flexibility.

The programmable controller unit including data management supports the user with the compliance of the complex regulations of ISO 17025, GLP, etc.

Large number of samples in small area

Depending on the block system, 8 or 20 samples can digested simultaneously in 250 ml tubes.

Thanks to the compact design, the limited space in laboratories can be used most effectively. The device has a footprint of only of 51.5 x 48.3 cm.

Convenient and safe

The pre-heat function of the digestion block saves valuable time and the user can start with the digestion program immediately.

The motorised multi-level console enables convenient and safe lifting and lowering of the loaded insert rack.

Password protection and individual access rights ensure high transparency and maximum security.

COD digestion unit

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Dimensions (W x D x H)515 x 483 x 790/1140 mm (8-unit, with/without lift)
515 x 483 x 790 mm (20-unit, with lift)
Weight24/46.5 kg (8-unit, without/with Lift)
61.5 kg (20-unit, with Lift)
Scope of deliveryKJELDATHERM digestion block
Insert rack for digestion tubes
Digestion tubes
Air condenser*
Programmable controller unit
Operating manual
*For automatic systems with lift:
multi-level console with water
condenser insert rack,
water condenser,
cooling water lines,
drip tray and tubing set