Best in class Kjeldahl distillation system VAPODEST® from C. Gerhardt Analytical Systems

VAPODEST® for nitrogen determination acc. to Kjeldahl

VAPODEST® is currently the most modern and powerful analysis system on the market for nitrogen analysis using the Kjeldahl method.
VAPODEST® is also ideal for the steam distillation of volatile acids, sulphur dioxide, TVB-N, ammonium, formaldehyde, phenol, alcohol, vicinal diketones or hydrogen cyanide.

The embedded PC ensures that it will also be possible to meet the increasingly complex requirements for data management in accredited laboratories in the future (DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025, GLP).

VAPODEST® systems distinguish themselves by an excellent operation life. Precise pumps control the addition of reagents with maximum exactness. The steam pressure can be fully adjusted from 10 to 100 %. The unique, programmable "soft-start" function ensures controlled reactions.

Analysis results achieved with VAPODEST® exceed the requirements of official international standards such as EN/ISO, AOAC, EPA, ASTM, GAFTA.

VAPODEST® automatically logs all revelant data for ISO 17025 compliant documentation

ISO 17025 requirements for transparency and traceability fulfiled

VAPODEST® provides ISO 17025 compliant support for your analysis process via intelligent technology. All relevant values, settings, user data and methods are automatically logged. The data is exported via a USB stick and prepared into ISO 17025 compliant documentation by the C. Gerhardt software ISOdoc-CREATOR. Thus analysis procedures and measurement results can be traced at any time.

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The VAPODEST® series from Gerhardt Analytical Systems is available in different degrees of automation

The ideal Kjeldahl system for any need

The VAPODEST® series is available in different degrees of automation. From the simple smart version VAPODEST® 200 for small volumes of samples, to fully automated system VAPODEST® 50s Carousel with integrated titration and autosampler for a high sample throughput.
A great VAPODEST® feature is that all models are compatible with a wide variety of Kjeldahl digestion tubes and sample reservoirs.

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VAPODEST® from Gerhardt Analytical Systems: Unique 7-inch TFT full colour display

Easy and comfortable use

VAPODEST® uses simple, modern operation, with menu navigation designed to resemble a tablet PC or smartphone. Data can be input using finger touch navigation or a stylus - or even laboratory gloves - via the 7-inch TFT full colour display. It is also possible to input data using a mouse and keyboard.

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Gerhardt Analytical systems offers a unique selection of Kjeldahl accessories

130 years of experience in Kjeldahl analysis

C. Gerhardt specialises in the development and production of analysis systems for nitrogen/protein determination according to Kjeldahl and offers extensive experience in Kjeldahl methods worldwide.
Collective specialist expertise and state-of-the-art technology come together in the new unique range of VAPODEST® steam distillation units, redefining global expectations of Kjeldahl systems.

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VAPODEST® analysis systems: High-quality, carefully coordinated components

Premium quality which pays dividends

C. Gerhardt has remained true to its vision, and is once again attaching great importance to high-quality, carefully coordinated components within its new VAPODEST® analysis systems. Robustness, long service life and sophisticated resource management including configurable cooling water consumption and an energy saving mode for rest periods: virtually no other comparable devices achieve such low total operating costs.

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Gerhardt systems are continuously tested in proficiency tests.

Kjeldahl analysis in line with international standards

C. Gerhardt analysis systems fulfil, as a minimum, the accuracy criteria specified for recovery and repeatability by official national and international standards like ISO, AOAC, GAFTA, EC, DIN, EPA, ASTM.

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All systems are continuously tested and optimised in C. Gerhardt’s GAFTA-certified laboratory in terms of precision, cost-effectiveness and safety. Regular successful involvement in ring tests such as GAFTA, FAPAS or VDLUFA, MUVA underline the capability of the devices.

Best in class Kjeldahl distillation system VAPODEST® from C. Gerhardt Analytical Systems

VAPODEST® 200 - 450

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Dimensions (W x D x H)527 x 390 x 697 mm
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