Cyanide Equipment

Digestion apparatus specifically developed for the decomposition and purging of water and soil samples for the determination of easily released cyanides and total cyanide, as well as other volatile gases.

Proven C. Gerhardt technology based on the TURBOTHERM rapid digestion unit.
Quick, even heating thanks to infrared technology.
With a flow meter and magnetic agitator at each heating point.

In accordance with DIN 38405 and DIN ISO 11262.

Available with various fittings.

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Cyanide equipment

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Dimensions (W x D x H)636 x 430 x 945 mm
Weight36 kg
Scope of deliveryTURBOTHERM basic unit
Magnetic agitator
Cyanide attachment,
including all glass components,
an insert rack,
digestion tubes and tubing set