Fully automatic distillation and titration and evaluation according to Kjeldahl

VAPODEST 500 for precise Kjeldahl analyses in high-throughput labs

Specially developed for users in high-throughput laboratories, VAPODEST 500 performs Kjeldahl nitrogen determination as well as steam distillation of volatile substances. Efficiency, safety and conformity with standards are the features that matter most.

  • Efficient: Fully automated and process-optimized Kjeldahl analysis
  • Robust: Designed for high-throughput analyses and continuous operation
  • Fully integrated: Network-compatible data and process management

Combine VAPODEST 500 with the KJELDATHERM KT-L20s to use the most powerful complete solution on the market for Kjeldahl digestion and analysis.

If you want to go one step further in automation, take a look at our VAPODEST 500 C with autosampler.

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Dimensions (W x D x H)527 x 390 x 697 mm
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