Manual FibreBag systems

The benefits of the innovative FibreBag technology are not only available with the automatic FIBRETHERM. For laboratories with a low or fluctuating sample volume, we offer another system for fibre analysis: The manual FibreBag system.  

This compact system is available with either one or six heaters and is ideal for processing from 1 to 36 samples simultaneously. Suitable for crude fibre determination as well as for the determination of ADF, NDF and ADL fractions in feed.

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Manual FibreBag-System

Order data10-0013 FibreBag-System, 6-place, manual, 230 V
10-0015 FibreBag-System, 36-place, manual, 230 V
(W x D x H)
250 x 230 x 600 mm - FibreBag-System, 6-place
900 x 230 x 600 mm - FibreBag-System, 36-place
Weight  5 kg - FibreBag-System, 6-place
17 kg - FibreBag-System, 36-place
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