N-Realyzer - Nitrogen and protein determination according to the Dumas method

Experience the intuitive, precise, fast and safe nitrogen and protein analysis with the N-Realyzer:

  • Intuitive operation: Self-explanatory user interface and automated process management make everyday laboratory work easier.
  • Functional instrument design: High-quality materials and tool-free operation guarantee a long service life and easy maintenance.
  • High work safety: Daily work and maintenance steps can be carried out safely thanks to the optimised workflows in the system.
  • Wide range of samples: Analysing up to 100 samples in series, both solid and liquid samples, guarantees maximum throughput - regardless of the nitrogen content.
  • Resource-efficient operation: Factors such as sample-optimised oxygen addition make operation as resource-efficient as possible, so that the costs per sample are low and everyday laboratory work is as economical as possible.

N-Realyzer - elemental analysis of the new generation

Product details

Scope of delivery

N-Realyzer basic unit, complete with:

  • Autosampler for the automatic feeding of up to 100 samples
  • Starter kit incl. all consumables for 1,000 samples (absorber,CO2 adsorber, copper, ash insert, etc.)
  • Accessories and tools for sample treatment
  • Connection lines for gas and compressed air installation
Analytical data
AnalyteMaximum sample weight
Nitrogen, protein1g
Sample parametersDetection limit helium
Solid samples, liquid samples0,003 - 50 mg N absolute
MethodDuration of analysis
Dumas3 - 5 minutes, depending on sample type and quantity
Recovery rateStandard deviation
> 99,5%< 0,5 % with standard sample preparation methods
Technical data
Thermal conductivity detectorIndividual sample feed of up to 100 samples
Maximum temperatureDevice control
1.000°via REAL-OS web interface (intuitive software with AI elements)
GasesInterfaces / Connectivity
Helium, oxygen (both 5.0) and compressed air (according to ISO 8573-1 class 3)TBA
ca. 130 kg

600 x 550 x 722 (closed)

600 x 550 x 1.200 (open)