Consulting expertise

We’re at your side - from the initial consulting session through to technical and analytical support during operation. We can find the perfect device solution for your specific analysis task, quickly and without complications. A substantial range of products means that we are well positioned to answer questions about fats, fibres and proteins. Your permanent contact person brings C. Gerhardt’s technical expertise and philosophy to you, wherever your analyses take place. The hub for this comprehensive support is our company headquarters in Königswinter, Germany, where all our specialist knowledge is brought together under one roof.

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Analysis Systems

Time and again, C. Gerhardt breaks new ground in the development of automatic systems for reference analytics, setting trends on the market. We can draw on both the experience of long-term employees and on a younger generation’s progressive thinking. By automating procedures, we are able to raise productivity by several orders of magnitude. This saves you time and money - and you get a fast return on investment. At the same time, automation improves safety; by reducing contact with chemicals, for instance. In our application laboratory, we examine and test our latest models.

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Functional reliability

C. Gerhardt analysis systems are developed and manufactured under a management system certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001. Automated procedures and contained systems prevent contact with chemicals. We will set up the equipment at your company, commission it and train you in how to operate it. We also consult with you about anticipated loads and recommend you a maintenance concept to match your lab situation. Because although the components of our laboratory equipment are designed to be very long lasting, daily use has an impact on the materials over time.

User training

Thanks to an excellent network of contacts and our membership of various professional organisations, we have our finger on the pulse. We are quick to find out about trends and changing requirements. All over the world. This means that we can offer our customers prompt solutions to new challenges. In our seminar rooms, we arrange workshops - keeping the groups small and effective - to answer user questions about analytical methods. Our team of instructors can also provide on-site training, if needed. This way, we can respond to the specific individual features of your lab work.

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