Supervising processes: the application laboratory

  • Supporting the development phase

C. Gerhardt analysis systems fulfil, as a minimum, the accuracy criteria specified for retrieval and reproducibility by official national and international standards. To make sure of this, our laboratory tests new systems while they are being developed.

  • Internal and external quality management

There is always room for improvement with procedures. Our colleagues in the application lab work on our analysis systems daily, hand in hand with our internal quality management department. This way, products are developed further and optimised. Regular successful participation in ring tests demonstrates the constantly excellent results provided by C. Gerhardt analysis equipmen

  • Cooperative application support

As a source of knowledge and expertise, we can provide rapid practical answers to queries. We help customers get the results they need from their sample matrix and our apparatus. We do this together by examining the composition of the sample, the way the sample is prepared, the customer’s working methods and the subsequent interpretation of results, by trying different things out and by communicating with one another. And at the end of this process, we have an application.