Instruments for extraction

Many laboratories worldwide are already working with C. Gerhardt's solid-liquid extraction systems and equipment. No matter if a customer wants to perform a manual extraction using the classical Soxhlet method or is interested in a fully automated extraction system, C. Gerhardt offers the ideal solution for every demand. The instruments are suitable for a wide range of applications, from fat determination in food analysis to sample preparation in environmental analysis and material inspection, solvent extraction is a universally applicable method.

Extraction system SOXTHERM

C. Gerhardt‘s innovative SOXTHERM rapid extraction system is the highest performed of all laboratory extraction systems available on the market. It is fast, very versatile, can be upgraded easily at any time and provides the best analysis results reliably and consistently.


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Classic Soxhlet apparatus

Apparatus for classic, manual extraction using the Soxhlet method. Tried and tested C. Gerhardt quality for determining the fat content in food and feeds by means of solid/liquid extraction using an appropriate solvent.


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