Fibre analysis systems

C. Gerhardt's products for fibre analysis are designed with a particular focus on agricultural laboratories that have to determine fibre fractions in animal feed. Both the automatic FIBRETHERM and the manual FibreBag system can be used to determine the ADF, NDF and ADL fractions and crude fibre. Both systems use the innovative FibreBags made from a special fabric, which standardise and considerably simplify the analytical conditions due to their properties.

FIBRETHERM Innovative fibre analysis

FibreBag is an innovative filtration method from C. Gerhardt for determining the crude fibre, ADF, NDF and ADL fractions in feedstuffs. It avoids common problems in the classic filtration method using frits and filter beds, simplifies handling and digestion of the samples and ensures better and more reliable analysis results.


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Manual fibre analysis with FibreBag

The manual FibreBag system is particularly suitable for laboratories that handle low or seasonally fluctuating volumes of samples. Just like the automatic system, it can be used both to determine the crude fibre and to determine the ADF, NDF and ADL fractions in feedstuffs.


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