Contract laboratory

C. Gerhardt has a wealth of experience in a wide range of laboratory sectors. Our analysis systems and corresponding applications perform their tasks reliably in many laboratories around the world.
Close cooperation with our customers, in many cases over the course of decades, means that we are familiar with their needs, and we include this knowledge in the development and continuous improvement of our analysis systems.

C. Gerhardt offers cost-effective analytical solutions for a wide range of analyses for the contract laboratory.

For the determination of alcohol content or the content of steam-volatile substances in plant extracts, there are well-tried steam distillation units available, which are also ideal for the examination of water and soil with regard to the phenol index or the cyanide or formaldehyde content. Further details under environmental laboratory

For determination of the nutritional value of foods in the scope of the declaration duty, C. Gerhardt offers analytical solutions for the parameters protein and fat content. For the determination of preservatives, such as SO2, the steam distillation systems VAPODEST are available. Further details under food laboratory

For the extraction of contaminants like PCB, the rapid extraction unit SOXTHERM is convenient, and for determination of the trace metal content, C. Gerhardt offers the trace metal digestion unit SMA.