Environmental laboratory

C. Gerhardt has a wealth of experience in a wide range of laboratory sectors. Our analysis systems and corresponding applications perform their tasks reliably in many laboratories around the world.
Close cooperation with our customers, in many cases over the course of decades, means that we are familiar with their needs, and we include this knowledge in the development and continuous improvement of our analysis systems.

C. Gerhardt offers cost-effective device solutions for the environmental laboratory for the analysis of water, soil, sludge, textiles, plastics, residues on air filters and for a wide range of other sample types, such as:
nitrogen determination according to Kjeldahl
nitrogen determination according to the Dumas combustion method
content determination of ammonium, nitrate, volatile acids, total cyanide, total formaldehyde and phenol using steam distillation
extraction of oil and fat, dioxins, PCB, PAK and plasticizers
digestions for the content determination of trace metals, COD, cyanide and sulphide.